Bonschelle bronze metal clay jewellery

What is Bronze Metal Clay Jewellery?

The popularity of metal clay as a craft material has grown over the years, and there are now many brands available to buy. But if you have not seen or heard of it before you may be asking 'What is Metal Clay', 'How can you have a clay that is metal?' Well it's a lot simpler than it sounds...

Metal clay is a mix of a fine metal particles in a powder form (usually silver, bronze or copper) combined with a binder which when mixed with water takes on a clay like consistency.

Bronze metal clay

In this form it can be shaped and textured, just like you would plasticine or regular clay. This makes it very versatile to use. Jewellery, small sculptural items, or accessories can be formed with it.

Bronze metal clay ring by Bonschelle

There are a few steps in the process to making metal clay items. After forming the clay it is dried, and once dry it is heated to a high temperature, usually in a kiln, so that the binder burns off leaving just the metal particles which bond together ('sinters'), forming a solid piece of metal which can be polished or other mediums applied such as enamels or patinas, just as you can with traditional sheet metals.

Bronze and enamel earrings by Bonschelle

Here at Bonschelle I use my own brand of artisan metal clay to make all my bronze jewellery, gifts and accessories, so my items are truly handmade from start to finish.  Finished pieces made with Bonschelle bronze metal clay have a beautiful golden colour which makes them a wonderful alternative to much more expensive gold and are very durable.

Bronze Love sentiment pendant necklace

I also finish pieces with a professional grade jewellery metal sealer which helps to preserve the metal from tarnishing and so preserve the golden tone.

So now you know! To see examples of metal clay jewellery stop by  my bronze jewellery section. Or if you would like to make your own bronze metal clay items check back soon for updates on being able to purchase Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay.

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