Bonschelle Bronze Love Heart Pendant

Bronze - the perfect alternative to gold

Bonschelle bronze heart leaf pendant

Bronze has been used as a material for making jewellery and other items for centuries. It is a metal alloy composed primarily of copper, mixed with other metals such as zinc, aluminum or, as commonly used today, tin. The addition of these other metals makes bronze harder than copper and even iron. It is a very durable metal and is very corrosion resistant. Because of its properties it continues to be used today for a wide range of applications from tableware and statuary to mechanical engineering, and of course jewellery.

Bonschelle bronze rings

Our Bonschelle bronze brand is an alloy of copper and tin and is not sheet metal but is in a new wonderful artisan form called 'Metal Clay'. The term is slightly misleading as it is not a clay but a mix of bronze metal particles with an organic binder. This is hand formed and textured and then fired in a kiln to a high temperature which burns of the binder and fuses the metal particles to form pure solid bronze. Once polished it has a beautiful light golden tone. This is then finished with a professional jewellery metal sealer which helps reduce the risk of tarnishing which can naturally occur with many metals, and thereby preserves the wonderful colour.

Bonschelle heart initial gold bronze pendant necklace

With it's durable qualities and beautiful colour, once polished bronze makes a fantastic alternative to expensive gold, and can look just as stunning. With the high prices of gold jewellery bronze enables you to have an equally luxurious look without the price tag.Why not make bronze your new must have metal for jewellery?

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