Brightening up dark Winter days

I live in a part of the world which has distinct seasons, which, in this part of the world means that as the year draws to a close the weather gets more dull and grey (and wet!). Here in the UK the weather is always a popular topic. As Christmas approaches the sky is the familiar grey for this time of year, and outside it's drizzling (a term we like to use for not quite raining hard, but light drops). Scientists say that the reduction of sunlight in the winter months and darker days can actually lead to more depressed moods in some people. It does seems harder to feel more upbeat when the sun isn't shining bright and warm.

So I was thinking about looking instead at all the wonderful things you can see at this time of year.

Nature is still beautiful. There are still some leaves on some trees in beautiful shades of reds and browns. The little animals that frequent the gardens are still active and oh so cute to watch - squirrels scurrying around gathering up their winter stores, magpies gathering in trees. Watching them brings a certain amount of joy. Even the rain can be quite pleasurable to watch (if you are snug inside in the warm!). And if it snows this year it will be even prettier!

Leading up to Christmas it's also time to add some sparkle! The Christmas tree will be going this week with gold and silver decorations and lights to twinkle and bring some festive light. Decorations can really lift the mood!

Bonschelle white and gold heart Christmas decorations

Wearing bright colours and sparkly jewellery can also make you feel brighter. I admit I'm not someone that actually likes wearing a lot of bright colours but at Christmas time I can make an exception. Add a bit of bling that you can see throughout the day.

 Bonschelle blue sparkle fused glass cabochon ring

But also just making sure to take some time out for yourself when you can to do something that you really enjoy, whether it's a hobby, watching a favourite movie, and of course spending time with loved ones.

What do you like to do to brighten those winter days?



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