5 Quick and Easy Gift Wrap Ideas for the Gift Wrap Challenged!

5 Quick and Easy Gift Wrap Ideas for the Gift Wrap Challenged!

Some of us are gift wrap challenged! The paper never seems to look neat enough or that bow just doesn't sit right...well gift wrapping doesn't have to be a daunting task. Here are some  ideas for gift wrap which might help you out, and show you that gift wrapping doesn't have to be difficult!

1. Washi Tape

Washi tape originates from Japan, and  is decorative paper tape (similar to masking tape) used to add colour and pattern to items. It has become It is popular with crafters because of the wide range of colours and designs available. It is used to decorate all kinds of objects from notebooks to photoframes and used to make crafted items. But it also gerat for decorating gift wrap if you don't want to add a ribbon or bow.

Image Source:Wikimedia Commons: https://bit.ly/2HlSPks

Wrap it around in the same way you would a ribbon (minus the bow). You can see some simple examples on this blog https://www.diyinspired.com/washi-tape-gift-wrapping/

2. Simple and Rustic

A very easy to do gift wrap is traditional brown paper with twine - it might sound boring but this rustic look can be made to look quite chic by simply adding one or two accents such as a fresh or dried flower, green leaves. Use your imagination and let the season or occassion guide you. You could even swap brown paper for maps, large book papers or newspapers, and twine for pretty lace ribbon.

3. Stick it on!

If you really want to add a bow but don't want to tie one yourself, or have trouble tying knots and bows, an easy solution is self-adhesive or ready tied bows. There are many stores that sell them online and they come in different styles and colours.

If you would like to tie a bow with ribbon but like me can never seem to tie a neat one try watching some of the great tutorials on Youtube (like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdU_X3Q9UFk)

4. Creative Gift Tags

Gift tags don't need to be boring. They can be both decorative and functional and can add that extra special touch if using plain wrapping paper. You don't have to stick to just paper or card ones as other materials can be used to make them and these make lovely keepsakes after the occassion has past. For example try wood shapes which you can paint, decorate, or just leave plain. Small wood shapes are easily available from craft stores.

Or why not add clay gift tags like the ones available at Bonschelle which you can write on too!

5. Fabric

The Japanese art of Furoshiki uses pretty fabric to create beautiful looking gift wrap in a variety of wrapping styles, some very simple and others more comples. The cloth not only adds an attractive exterior to the gift but makes an additional gift in itself. It's a lovely alternative to using paper or plastics, and you can wrap all kinds of shaped gifts with this style. You could try using scarves too.

Image source: Wikimedia:https://bit.ly/2vtZfrS

You can find a good range of tutorials on Furoshiki on YouTube. This one by KyotoDesginHouse shows just how easy it can be:

I hope these ideas have shown you that gift wrap doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. The simplest ideas and materials can be used to great effect! Be as creative as you want, there are no rules!  And doing something unusual adds a nice touch as it conveys that extra thought has gone into the gift presentation and makes it more memorable.

I hope these ideas will encourage the gift wrap shy to go ahead and have a go!

Are you a creative wrapper? Share your tips and suggestions below!

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