5 Fabulous Reasons to Wear Fabric Jewellery

5 Fabulous Reasons to Wear Fabric Jewellery

Handmade modern fabric earrings by Bonschelle

When you think of jewellery you probably think of items made of metals, precious and non-precious stones. What might not spring to mind is fabric. Perhaps you have never seen fabric jewellery or maybe you think it might be flimsy. But not necessarily! Bonschelle fabric jewellery has a metal base or backing which means it’s far from flimsy.

I like to source a range of fabric styles which give an individual look to give jewellery items you won't see anywhere else. Please see the textile jewellery collection for the latest additions.

Here are my top reasons why you should consider fabric jewellery:

1. Fabric is so tactile. Fabric jewellery due to the nature of textiles has a natural warm and tactile quality to it and which naturally pairs with the clothing we wear.

     2. Variety

    The variety of  beautiful fabric prints available means you can probably find some really unique fabric jewellery designs with various patterns and colours from plain and subtle to more intricate or luxurious. 

    Bonschelle textile fabrics

    3. Style

    Textile jewellery can be just as elegant, modern and stylish as other jewellery types (and less expensive too!). The style possibilities are endless. You can wear items with a more simple pattern for a more minimalist but elegant look, or ones with more colour and pattern for dressing up an outfit or making a statement. But there are no rules!

    4. Individuality

    If you like to express your own individual style rather than what's fleetingly trendy, fabric jewellery can help you do that too. The Bonschelle collection has designs to suite a range of personal styles from classic to modern.

    Bonschelle handmade geometric fabric stud earrings

    5. Artisan Made

    Fabric jewellery is usually handmade by small local crafts people, such as myself,  so you are not only quite likely to find designs that are  unusual or unique, but you will have something that has that extra special value through it being made by hand, especially if buying as a gift for someone. 

    So next time you are thinking of buying yourself some jewellery or a jewellery gift for someone, and are looking for something a little different or a unique item, why not consider textile jewellery!

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